After All

by Antò Nio

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released March 18, 2014

Album: "After All"
Music & Lyrics written by Antonio Curcillo.
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals on all tracks by Antonio Curcillo.
Backing Vocals:
tracks 2 & 9 by Flo Thaller - track 7 by Carmina Reyes - track 3 by Manuel Stübinger & Flo Thaller.
Cajòn & Bass on track 8, Guitar Solo on track 3, Keys on track 4 by Manuel Stübinger.
All other instruments by Flo Thaller.

Produced by Flo Thaller & Antonio Curcillo
Mixed by Flo Thaller
Mastered by Tobi Rath
Cover by Serge Hugo

© 2014 Antonio Curcillo, all rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Antò Nio Munich, Germany

singer. songwriter. guitar playing dreamer. human. secret dancer. lost soul. busker. bittersweet storyteller.

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Track Name: Castles In The Sand
You‘re sittin‘ there, a prisoner of your own.
In a golden cage, since you were born.
You‘re waistin‘ time, you don‘t know what to do.

You don‘t cross this line, because you don‘t want to.

All the games you play the wind blows them away
like castles in the sand.
All the dreams you dream, have you seen,
or don‘t you understand?
Maybe you‘re a king, but the only one who obeys you is you,
and maybe you‘re the king of the castles in the sand.

You‘re still there, these bonds of wealth bury you alive.
Make a fresh start, don‘t hesitate, dare a leap and dive
in world without a cage, in a world full of life, in a new golden age.

Track Name: I Smile
Why am I scared when you’re around?
I feel like a creep, I lie on the ground.
Nothing seems to go right, I wait, I start
another fight with myself.

You look at me, expectantly.

I smile, I try to talk to you,
but I just stare at your face
exploring space, and I smile.

I lose myself in your eyes,
I‘m thinking of all the little lies.
Don‘t trust my attitude, I‘m hiding
behind it, is that too rude for you?

And it hurts more than I can bear,
feels like dying is easier than talking.
Track Name: Life
Run away, where are you going today?
Far away, where are you sleeping tonight?
From what do you hide?

You say you‘ll stay, but run away.
You pray for better days, and easier ways.

But you can’t escape this life, it is yours,
try to live it, make a choice.
No matter how loud you scream,
no one’s gonna hear your voice.

Stay at home, where else can you be alone,
and on your own? Will you share your bed tonight,
or do you still hide?
Track Name: The Best Years Are Gone
Ripped jeans, bygone teens,
a washed out shirt, his soul hurts.
He walks ahead, but he always looks back.

Do you recognize him, do you?
Did you forget him, did you?

The best years are gone, we’re still waitin’, we frown.
Nothin’ has changed, take a gun, and shoot me down,
if by tomorrow I’m not gone.

Same fears, wasted tears, 
a faded dream, his soul screams.
He walks ahead, but he always thinks back.
Track Name: You Know
How much money do you make?
How many hearts do you break?
Have you got a new fancy car,
and why the hell do you want war?

It‘s so ridiculous, everything, really everything.

Who do you think you are? You are nobody!
What do you think you know? You know nothing at all!
You know, you know, you know, what do you know?

How much love can you buy?
How many times do you lie?
Have you got the latest style,
and was this all worth while?
Track Name: Find You
Your beautiful eyes have no price,
your pretty smile makes me shine.

I’m waiting for a sign,
I’m wondering why you’re not mine.

I’ve been walkin’ around, tryin’ just tryin’ to find you.
I’ve been searching this town,
I feel, now I feel like I’m drowning.
Dada dadadadada dada dadadadada da

The little talks we had weren’t that bad,
and in your company I felt carefree.

This scene’s not true, it seems fake,
we live in a different world, no chance to escape.
Track Name: Never Again
Maybe I’m a dreamer, so I’ve been told,
but I have seen her blindfold.
She took all the heat, she left the cold.

This is no victory for you or me.
I’m not your enemy, I never used to be.

Don’t hurt me. It’s such a shame,
if you leave me alone in the rain.
Don’t hurt me, never again.

Maybe I am different from the way you are.
I have a talent, I keep you far from me,
but you still leave scars.

Don’t hurt me, dance with me!
Track Name: Every Day
Every day people are passing by.
All the time they try to reach the sky.
Every day people are roaming around,
their minds are bound.

All the time people just do what they want.

Take off your mask. I don’t like to see
this person in front of me, no more.
I’d like to know who is talking to me.
Take off your mask, and show me,
yeah show me your mystery.

Every day people are hurting each other.
All the time they don’t take care of their brothers.
Every day people slander, when will they surrender?

Every day I’m sick of watching them acting.
All the time what the hell are they expecting?
Track Name: Keep On
Is it necessary to joke about me?
If you like, go on, I won’t disagree.
Is your ego all that you need?
You think you’re a god, but I know that you bleed.

I no longer tolerate how you behave.

Keep on telling lies, don’t lose your way.
Keep your smile on, it veils what you say.
Keep on, but you’ll wonder someday.

Everything that you are is the worst of all,
if you are crying, don’t give me a call.
Don’t expect any help from someone you used,
you won’t get nothing until you prove to be true.
Track Name: Say It In My Ear
You say that you’ve lost your heart,
now you live without.
You say that love is cruel,
and you are just a fool.

Say what you really miss,
maybe nothing but a kiss.

What do you fear? Say it in my ear.
Oh, my dear, I am still here,
I am still here.

You say that you’ve lost your mind,
now you’re almost blind.
You say that life is strange,
and you will never change.